Client security hash process failure

I had completed the client security hash process. There was 18 items and all of them had calculated hash value and submitted the same. But when i uploaded the workflow it shows as failed. Can anyone help me on this?


Can you please share the screenshot of the error

No errors. It executed successfully and uploaded to the Learning portal.

Could you please confirm your output result as per given in the PDD. Sometimes, due to minor changes like space etc. it gets failed.

everything is calculated correctly. I again logged into ACME site and checked for the completed items. Every “WII5” items are completed with corresponding hash code.

should we have to upload anything other than the workflow?


  1. Have you reset the ACME System data before evaluating system.
  2. Are you using same credentials for both ACME System and Academy ?
  3. Have you hard coded any values ?
  4. where you are storing ACME credentials ?
  5. Make sure you zip all related files and uploaded it. And do not use any external file reference.
  1. I had reset the ACME data before uploading.
  2. Yes I am suing same credential for both.
  3. I have not hard coded any values in the workflow.
  4. ACME credentials are in windows credential manager.
  5. I had zipped all the files. But i will be creating one more excel file on the fly since i am not getting the headings of the table while scrapping it. Is that be an issue?


  1. Please store ACME credentials in Orchestrator under assets and try to retrieve values from there.

Try once and see if this works out.

Hi my acme credentials are in the orchestrator but the same problem occurs


May I know what error are you getting ?

I got the output and checks the acme system 1 site that all the wi5 process is completed and while evaluating it shows as the items are not correct


I guess there is extra spaces in the expression at the time of entering Client details to retrieve Security Hash.

Use Trim method to remove extra spaces. It should be something like this.


I tried this bt it still remains as same…


If you could record video at the time of BOT running for atleast two transactions and then share with me that video link. So that I can check and tell where it went wrong.

I can share the workflow files.can u please evaluate it?