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Hello everyone,
I have completed the first assignment “Calculate Client Security Hash” and it works perfectly. I checked the data, every security hash is added in the comment section of the work items and every status is set to completed. Nonetheless when I upload the project as Zipfile to the academy for evaluation, I alway fail with a score of 0/100. And as you can see on the picture below, the input data for the security hash is just as it is supposed to be.
Does someone have a solution for my problem?

Here is the file I uploaded

This is the created hash:

And these are my failed assignments

@davidm21 Try to follow the Walkthrough , it is clearly has all the steps needed to be taken. Also make sure you dont reset the test data in ACME System 1 until the evaluation is finished.

Hey, thanks for your reply.
I did follow the walkthrough step by step and it still fails. This is the result of the evaluation:

I did not reset the test data which is why under completed items it says 13, for all the items of the type WI5 with the status completed. Apparenty the problem is with the security hash, which appers to be wrong. Here is the data that is processed on the hash website:

@davidm21 Can you take a Screenshot of the Hashcode generated and also what it types into the Add comments section in Update work item?

Once more, thank you for your reply. I finally solved my problem, I had a space bar in front of the client ID at the beginning of the input for the hash generator and it took me quite some time to find it…

@davidm21 Good You found out yourself Enjoy RPA :innocent:

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