Queue Trigger: Process starts for In progress items(Orch Version21.10.1)

we are using queue triggers to trigger a process when new queue item is added to Queue. The process is triggering when new item is added. However, the process is also triggered for IN-PROGRESS items again and again for every 30min. I checked UiPath documentation, it says, queue trigger will start process when new item is added and the parameter - Queue.ProcessActivationSchedule in config file decides the checking of the queue for new items. But my question is why the process is starting for In-Progress queue items? Is this a bug?

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Hey @venkata.bachu

Kindly note the UiPath team rolling back this behavior starting from the 2021.10.2 version, link.

and also find this thread.


Thanks Mohammad.
Support team also confirmed that it is product bug is fixed in 21.10.2

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