Process not execute While using the Queue trigger. Whenever there is a new Item!

@UiPath Personnel

I am trying to execute the process whenever there is a new transaction Item in the queue, but have not been able to run it automatically after the queue item is added using API’s.

Can anyone guide me??

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I’m having the same problem, did you find any solution?

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Wait about 30 minutes after added data

Once every 30 minutes a check for new, unprocessed items is performed, and whenever such items exist, the target process is triggered.

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Hi @All,

My scenario would be I’ve enabled the queue based trigger. when an item is newly added to the queue, my process should be triggered. But this isn’t getting triggered. It executes only after 30 mins interval.

Can anyone assist me on this. thanks in advance!

If you add more items than available robots, item will not be processed. As soon as robots are available, they get processed.

I also noticed the issue what you are going through. I don’t know the resaon for this behavior. That 30 min interval is controllable through orchestrator config file parameter - Queue.ProcessActivationSchedule . You can change it less time to get it triggered earlier. This is a kind of back up job to check on any new items are missed initially.