FEATURE REQUEST: Orchestrator Queue Triggers to exculded the InProgress items

We faced unexpected behavior (the trigger has been run too many times -every 30 minutes- Although there is no new transaction item added to the queue.) with the Queue Triggers after investigation, we found a stuck items on InProgress status, after reading the documentation , we found the justification below

Orchestrator takes into account both New and In Progress queue items when computing the number of target jobs that must be reached for optimal resource allocation.

I think if you can add an attribute to the queue trigger creation page to choose the transaction status eg: new or InProgress or both (For example, find the below image).

Question thread

UiPath Orchestrator: Enterprise on-premise 21.10.1

Trigger configuration:
Minimum number of items to trigger the first job: 2 items
Maximum number of pending and running jobs allowed simultaneously: 1 job

Appreciate your feedback regarding this.

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We are rolling back that behavior change in the upcoming 21.10.2 patch, which is planned to be released in a few days.

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Hey @CosminV

Appreciate your response, waiting for it.


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Looking forward to the 2021.10.2 patch as we are facing the same issue after the upgrade to 2021.10.1, quite clogging our log tables and costing license time with performer runs triggered but not finding any new items…

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The patch was released yesterday: https://docs.uipath.com/orchestrator/docs/release-notes-2021-10-2

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