Change Queue Item Status Not working

Hi All,

I use “Get Queue Items” but then cannot change the status of a specific item in that queue to “In Progress”.


Have also tried to use “Set Transaction Status Activity” in queue iteration like below:


Please let me know what should i write in TransactionItem property.


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Check if the variable type in for each is queue item. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes Vivek i have already mentioned.

Basically what we need to write in TransactionItem (Please refer below)

But I have already mentioned status as InProgress, I don’t know why its not work

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You need to give item in TransactionItem.

Yes it works. But gives me this error now:


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Are you getting output of writeline?

Hi Vivek,

I have just mentioned “item” to “TransactionItem” Property as discussed. Rest of the example is same as i have mentioned above

Briefing out again … main POC purpose is to print the queue value and need to change status to successful using queue iteration. Please correct me if m implementing the wrong thing.


I am new to UiPath :slight_smile:

Not Transaction item. You need to mention QueueItem in for each.

Im facing similar issue , when im using Get Queue Items i m not able to update the the status

Hi, @kudoshi @mjworks774

did you get any solution for it.?
I am stuck at the same place.