Change Queue Item status - 'New' to 'In Progress'

I have a scenario to change the queue status from to ‘In Progress’ status from ‘New’ status.

A Robot has to pickup and process related items together irrespective of the order that is present in the input.

A policy might have multiple version of the data present in the input spread sheet(refer input screenshot)


There are multiple robots present in the environment, a robot has to process all the versions of a policy together.

I thought of the using two queues one to have in the input data, and another to group input items based one the policy number and version number. Robot will be pointed to organiser queue and from code each and every items in work item queue will be accessed using ‘Get Queue items’ activity.


We were trying to use ‘Set Transaction Progress’ to change queue item status to ‘In Progress’ from ‘New’, but that failed with error Set transaction progress : Progress update is only permitted on items with status ‘In Progress’ Error code: 1000

Let me know any other solution or option for the above scenario.

Hey @nivaskannan

You should Use Get Transaction Item Activity.
It will marked a new work item in progress once it will get it from Orchestrator Queue.


We are already using ‘Get Transaction Item’ for primary queue, the problem is with the secondary queue.

@nivaskannan - Get Transaction Item will change the Queue Item from New to Inprogress and then either Success or Faulted in the end.


we are using master queue to group one or more transaction of child queue. Each time robot would grab the transactions only from master queue, in my requirement I need to update the transaction status back to child queue as well. Since robot is pointing to master queue, I am looking for an alternative approach to update the status (success or failure) of child queue.

Is there any other way to change the status?

Hi @nivaskannan,
i have similar scenario. From what I understand you can do it by using GetTransaction with reference id (a filter applied to it). I have done the similar thing with a different RPA tool before. You can set a reference number / key to all those transactions (in slave queue) that need to be mapped with single transaction in master queue. This is similar to the primary key reference in our database.

But unfortunately this doesn’t work in Orchestrator that is less than 2019.3 :frowning: Even though the lower version studio has the option on its Ui to send the reference key , the underlying service faults and throws error.

If you are using the latest version of UiPath then you are in luck. Use the reference key and see the magic unfold.


Hi @Pavithra,

I’m currently working on this exact scenario (mother queue with slave queue). I was hoping if you can possibly share your workflow please. I will be utterly grateful.

Thank you.

HI Natalie,
Unfortunately we work in client environment and cannot share the workflow. are you using 2019.X.X. Only then will you be able to use these features.

@Pavithra - thank you for the response. Our requirement has change and no longer will proceed with mother/child queue. However, for future reference I will look around for this capability. Yes, I’m using 2019 studio. Thanks again

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Hi @nivaskannan ,

Did you get some workaround to alter the QueueItem status from New to “InProgress” as we have older version of Orchestrator which doesn’t support filtering with “Get Transaction Item”?

Thanks in advance!

where is this documented? That Get Transaction Item Activity will change the status of a work item.

Hi @ui_xpath

Right here:

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I got issue. I use GetQueueItem but the status still New.
my orches version is 2020.4.1

Hi @irahmat

The right activity to use here would be, as mentioned above, the “Get Transaction Item” one.

Hi noerror,

yup Understood your point and I guess I found bug which was when I edit specific data in Transaction Item by clicking UPLOAD JSON AND OVERRIDE.

the status will always be New.
could you check it ? I hope I am wrong.

According to our documentation, only New, Failed or Abandoned queue items can be edited:

I tested it out a bit, and on the latest Orchestrator instance I was able to edit the Failed queue item, uploaded a new JSON and the queue item stayed with the Failed status.

I am not able to edit In Progress queue items.

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thanks @loginerror

We can retry or edited any status queue items : Hi first used the " Get Queue Items" item then used “Postpone Transaction Item” In for each loop all items will be new. InProgresstoNew.xaml (21.4 KB)

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