Queue in Orchestrator

what is the difference between Bulk add Queue and Add queue

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Bulk add queue item - Adds a collection of items from a specified DataTable to a specified queue in Orchestrator

Where as Add queue item will add data to a queue still a collection but if type like string, integer, Boolean and DateTime

Input makes the difference between them
And the no of such inputs

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In add queue only one item is execute at a time

Yeah that is one

And alongside the output of bulk add queue item is of type datatable which returns all errors that occurred during the process, storing them in a DataTable variable


For add queue item there is no OUTPUT Property

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Thank you @Palaniyappan

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Adding one more point to @Palaniyappan answer,

For Bulk Add Queue Items, you cannot a add a unqiue refernce number to each queue item

for add to queue item u can add a unique refernce to each queue items

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Yaa that one also is there any differences