Add bulk queue item

Hi guys
I have some questions on add bulk queue item

  1. In which scenario can we use it?
  2. How could we add reference using it.
    3.Advantage of using add bulk queue item also share other important key factor of this activity i really appreciate your input.

Hello @Aleem_Khan ,

If you have a datatable and you want to add all the items to the queue you can use Add bulk Queue Item activity and pass the datatable. If you want to give reference, create a new column called Reference in the datatable and give reference value for each row/item.

You can read more about it here:


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Hello @Aleem_Khan ,

If you go with Bulk Add Queue item, it will accept DataTable as the input and add all the data to the queue within single call.

But if you go for a Add Queue item, it will add items one by one to the Queue and it will take some time.

Bulk Add Queue item can be used if you have a DataTable with you and you need to add it to orchestrator(Suppose you Read an Excel and you need to add it to Queue for processing). But incase if you need to Get some value from Web page and you need to add data for each transaction you can use Add Queue Item, instead of Bulk Add Queue Item.

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