Bulk Add Queue Items Example

Can someone give me example for bulk add queue items activity.



If you have a series of reports that you want creating / amending that is run on a daily basis, you can load queue items using this from a template each day which will give you relevant information per report.

I.e. File paths / File Names / Additional documents to attach etc.

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Hope this would help you
for properties on how to use them

Cheers @Canberk

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Thanks, but if it is possible, could you give an example.


@Palaniyappan @TimK


If you have a data table, and you want to add a entire column values to the queue, you can use bulk queue items

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So you might have a list of daily checks on files that need to be done with different priority.

So you will have an excel spreadsheet that has 3 columns.

ReportName       | File Location     | Priority
ABC              | Folder/ABC2.xlsx  | High
CDE              | Folder/CDE1.xlsx  | Medium

This would then be read in to a datatable.

You could then use the bulk add queue items.

A seperate process called e.g. Process Check on Reports would be run and pick up each queue item with that specific information in order to process it.

Bulk Add Queue Items not working…giving error…job stopped with returned code [errorcode]. All this happens when we upload bulk of queue items to orchestrator. Any suggestions or ideas regarding how can we avoid or minimize the issue?