Bulk queue item

Why do we use bulk queue item instead of add queue item? which is more useful?

Bulk add queue item is to add queue items as a collection from a datatable and add queue item is to add a single value to the queue.


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Which is better to use

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That’s based on how you are getting the items.

For example,

If you are scraping the data from the web and storing it in a data table, and you want to add a entire column values to the queue, you need to use bulk add queue items ,

if you are getting output of a value each time from a service calling or from a text scraping, you need to use add queue item.


  1. You can use add queue item in every case as a common method, at that time, you need to loop through the data table and use add queue item.

finally, using add queue item is best (My opinion :wink:)


Hi @Mani_Man
The actual differences between normal add queue items and bulk add queue items is
Add queue items add any item any object that too only one object at a time
While bulk add queue item is used to add a collection of item from a DATATABLE to queue in orchestrator
That’s the basic difference
So if we want to pass any set of value from a datatable we can use bulk add datatable activity
Or if we want to send one by one we can use normal add queue item…


Cheers @Mani_Mani

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Thank you so much

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