UiPath Assistant to only show Attended process (attended triggers unattended)


I would like to achieve the following.

Using UiPath Assistant, launch an attended automation (Dispatcher) that adds items to a queue from a spreadsheet.
This will trigger an unattended automation based on a Queue Trigger.

It is my understanding that if the UiPath Assistant end user has access to the single Orchestrator folder in which both processes reside, then both processes will show up in the process list.

I do NOT want the unattended automation to appear in the UiPath Assistant process list. I only want the attended automation to appear in this list.

I am using Orchestrator 2019.10.15 LTS in production. Therefore I am not able to use Modern Folders for unattended automations.

Is this scenario possible? How am I able to only provide the attended automation to the end user?

Thank you.

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Hi @jzapp,
Have you tried to give access to users only to folder where attended automations are set?

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Yes, but unfortunately this is also the folder that contains the unattended processes.

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Yup, It’s the one of more reasons why we introduced Modern Folders. Of course I saw this is limited case for you at the moment. But maybe you or your company should try to consider an upgrade process? I recommend to contact with you Sales / Partner person and ask for possible solution/opportunity :slight_smile:

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Thank you for confirming this. Are there any known issues upgrading directly to 2020.10.1 from 2019.10.15?

Thanks again.

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It’s a good question but to be honest I don’t want to spread some non-confirmed information. For sure Technical Support will explain you everything. Meanwhile I suggest to try out our cloud Orchestrator so you can see the differences (changed menu and some settings) unless you done it already :slight_smile:

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