Attended(Bot 1) - > Unattended(Bot 2) back to Attended (Bot 1)



Is this possible?

Attended bot 1 (submits information) -->Unattended bot 2(processes/extracts information) --> Attended Bot 1(receives extracted information in a table, user confirms) --> Unattended bot 2 does rest of the stuff


Could be done by building queues in Orchestrator and the unattended bots can run the process from data in Queue. All managed in Orchestrator.



Simple question, why the Attended bot would not do all the automation process on its own? Any blocker, regulatory reason, automation duration issue?

Could you describe the Business problem that you have to solve?




How can we use Queue items in attendant BOT? I have to process only one particulate transaction item from queue. Do we have any option to retrieve and process only the given transaction item instead of going through all items in loop and fetch only needed in attended bot?