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I have a question about click activity, in my laptop, I was found the click activity must be use the <Use Application/Browser> activity, such as this:

But in my another computer, it not use the <Use Application/Browser> activity, it can used activity alone, so please help me answer it, thank you.


In your another computer are using modern activities or classic activities?

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you are trying with modern activities thats why, if you dont want to use modern just in activity panel there will be filter option on top click on that and check classic activities

Hello @Chen-Jim

UiPath has introduced two types of studio experiences

  • Classic
  • Modern

  • In your laptop, the modern design has enabled so you have to use click activity inside Application Browser. Also, you can disable it if you don’t need. Ref to below doc on how to disable it
  • In another computer, the classic design has enabled. So that is why you were able to use the activities directly


If we are using modern design we have Open Application/Browser activity like this:

At any point of time we can switch to classic like this:

In classic we can use the Open browser activity or Attach browser activity then we can use Click activity


Hi all,
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Thank you everyone! Have a nice day!

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