Click activity denied

Hi. Can anyone please help me to solve this problem so I can manage to initiate a click activity without including this activity in application/browser. I suspect that I may have changed some settings without being aware of it recently as this has not been a challenge before.


You are using modern activities and it needs to be used inside an application browser activity. If you want to use classic activities, just change the activity settings like this:

And select this click:

Hope this helps!

Hi and thank you for your reply. Is there at better solution to avoid switching beetween modern and classic activities? The purpose with the click activity was to click on the start meny of the Windows icon and perform a type into activity, but as you know I am forced to choose an application/browser in advance.

In modern mode, UI actions such as click are mandatory in a window scope.
Your error message basically says that. So aattach the window where you are clicking on, and nest the click activity in there.

In classic mode this is optional. You don’t need to attach your window or browser for a click, though it is still considered a best practice to do so, and has many advantages if you need to do more than just one click (which is often the case when automating a process).

Personally I’m not a fan of the modern mode, it is too cluttered in my oppinion and forces you to do things that are not always convenient, so I (and my team) stick to the classic. The fuzzy selectors for example are a nightmare. I like my automations strict and not click on things that are a 95% match. Code should be configurable as you please, not by what some UiPath architect thinks is ‘the’ best idea. Because sometimes even they are wrong :slight_smile:

By setting your entire process as a 'classic / non-modern project, your default activities always show as classic instead of modern.

Which ever variation you choose, stick to either one, and don’t mix them. That will become a maintenance nightmare. So go classic or modern, not both.

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Yes there is. In the project settings you can just disable the modern activities and that’s it. :slight_smile:



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