Browser Another tab queries

If I click an element in first tab, it opens a new tab. I am using UIPath studio 2021.10.4.

How to go to new tab and do some actions ? I tried to find Attach browser activity but it is not found. Even open browser is changed to Use Browser/application.

Hi @poosaimani.seenivasagam

I think you are having modern design experience in your uipath studio thays why studio is showing all the modern activities like use application/browser.

If you want you could view old activities by enabling filter in the activities panel to click the checkbox for show classic

Or else you could change de select the option Modern design experience in the project settings of your studio for specific process. Please refer the below screenshot you have disable the modern design experience. Thanks.

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you can disable ‘modern design experience’ as @kirankumar.mahanthi1 showed
but you can also set filter to ‘show classic’:

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@pikorpa @kirankumar.mahanthi1 Thank you both for providing your inputs. It worked!!!

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