Modern click activity is not supporting in out of open browser why?

modern click activity is not supporting in out of open browser


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To use the Modern activities you need to have the Use Application / Web activity inside that you can place the click activity, it will work

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is there any other alternative to use

Hi @sudharadhika27

If you using modern activities use click activity under Use application/Browser container. Since Open Browser is an classic activity you need to use classic click activity inside the Open Browser.

Modern Activity

Classic Activity

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hi @sudharadhika27 ,

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you can use the classic click activity instead modern click activity.

you can change the settings in the

in activities panel you can click this filter option and enable the classic option, so you are able to see the both classic and Modern activities


make the modern design disable, so you can only see classic activities.

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Hi @sudharadhika27

Every activity has selectors.

  1. In Modern Design Experience the UI activities have Partial selectors. Those have to encapsulated in
    open application/browser activity, this activity is used as root node. Without encapsulating activity
    throws a warning as below picture.
  2. In Classic Design Experience the UI activities have full selectors. It contains it root node. In this we
    cannot use any activity to encapsulate the classic UI activities.

Hope you understand the concept.

Regards, Hope it helps!!

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You should not disable modern design.

Just turn on “show classic” in the Activities pane filter.

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This is inaccurate. Modern activities have the window selector and UI element selector separately, but they do have both. Of course, this makes no sense - if they have the full selector why do they have to be inside a scoped container?


No there is no alternative way we have to encapsulate with in the Open Application/Browser activity.

If you want to use click activity. Disable the modern design experience for the required Project.

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Why do you need an alternative? Set your project to modern, add the Use Application/Browser activity, indicate the app/browser, and put your Click activity inside it. This is the correct and best way to click something.

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Hi @postwick

I am saying that for using modern click activity they have to be use open application\Browser activity.
In sense every UI activity must have root node to work. The open application\browser activity has capable to provide the root node.
But in classic don’t need to encapsulate with any other activity.

I hope you understand

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I do understand but your statement is inaccurate. Modern activities have the root node selector, it’s called Window Selector. It is separate from the UI element selector (ie fuzzy, strict, image) but it’s still there.

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Yes @postwick I am also saying the same. Thank you for eloberate the more information.

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hi @postwick

if I pended my application in init state and I want to continue that application in process state,

in this case I need to open the application again what’s happen in this case?

Hi @sudharadhika27

No need to open the application again in process state. But you have to give the
open browser\application activity in Process state too.

In initialization state for open application\browser activity make the window attach mode “Single window”, give the close as “Never” and for open give as “Always” in activity properties.
In Process state for open application\browser activity make the window attach mode “Application instance”, Give the close as “Always” and for open give as “If not open” in activity properties.

I hope it may helps you @sudharadhika27 !!

No you don’t. You should leave the application open (don’t set Use App/Browser to close it), output the app object to a variable, and use that variable as the input for another Use App/Browser in the process state.

By the way, it sounds like you’re using REFramework. I recommend you don’t. It’s not for beginners. Have you taken the free training on the UiPath Academy web site?

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I’d also like to add that with Classic Design Experience, we are not limited to using full selectors, but can use Attach Window / Browser.


yes, i did

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