Question related to outlook filter and untick onlyunread message

Hi i have a question related to filter in outlook email and untick onunread
where this subject contain multiple same subject
i am using to filter that subject whether is unread or read
will it conflict ??

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You want to read all mails (both read and unread) and then filter it based on subject.

If the above is the case, then yes unchecking unread option should help.

something to like this
it contain multiple same subject with the condition if i want to take just 1 attachment will there be conflict with each another since in it there are all the same attachment?

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Yes it will be a conflict.

So you want to take only the unread email right ?
[Eventhough there are multiple read emails with same subject]

so basically i just tick only unread and problem will solve correct?

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Yes, Filter emails via subject

Check the unread option

And you are done.

#nK :slight_smile:

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