Is there any way to get mails only already read without unread mails?

I’m trying to get some information from a latest mail which is already read.

I’m gonna handle unread mail after this action.
So I want to leave unread mail marking as unread.

Is it possible?

Thanks for reading this!


Uncheck the unread mails in the properties. and sort->New to Old if you wants to read particular mails:



For each


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Hi @Jihwan

Which activity are you using?

Just Example I’m using Outlook Mail

Go to → Properties Panel

You can find Options

OnlyUnreadMessage → Uncheck the check box
OrderByDate → Newest First
Top → Based on the requirement you can set the values


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@THIRU_NANI @Gokul001
I think @Jihwan is trying to achieve the opposite of this feature - i.e. only find messages marked as read, not the unread ones.

There isn’t a direct property you can use to achieve this.
However, you may use the options discussed above to load all emails (e.g. first 50 including read and unread messages, uncheck both options MarAsRead and OnlyUnreadMessages)

Once you have all the emails, you could iterate over each email and check its status.
Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a straight-forward way to check status for MailMessage class. However, if you want to do some trial-and-error, this may help: (please refer to the last comment on thread)


Thanks for your reply!
But unfortunately I can’t solve my problem T.T

Thanks for your reply!
But unfortunately I can’t solve my problem through this T.T

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