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Hello guys,

Rookie dev here, I would like to know how to filter unread emails with subject and sender email address, I tried this for the senderemailaddress filter “[SenderEmailAddress] = ‘’” (ofcourse I used a proper email address) but it didn’t work. I also know that there’s a check box for unread emails only so there’s that.

Also, is there a way to use the “Reply All” option for outlook? I need to copy the body of the filtered emails and I want to copy it from “Reply All” so that time stamps are also included in there.

I don’t know if this is a difficult one tbh

Thanks in advance.

Try using mail.From.Address = or contains to validate email address.
For Subject validation use mail.Subject.Contains.
Filter unread emails using the checkbox unread property should work.

How do you want to copy the body of email by using ‘Reply All’?
Can you elaborate your requirement ?

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Hello Vinutha,

I would like to copy all of the contents of an email with Reply All so it would include all of the details such as, time stamps, sender, receiver and as well as the CCs.

okay, so you want to copy usng recording by sending ctrl + c?
If that is your intention then you can do a recording to send shortcut keys ctrl + shift + r shortcut for ‘reply all’ and copy the text.

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