Read only mail with a particular subject without reading other mails

Hi All,

Using the Get POP/Outlook mail activity how can i ensure that only the mail that contains a particular subject is read? For instance say i want to read a mail that contains “Files received” and i have a list of mails with subjects as below:

-Early announcement
-Breakfast chats
-Files received
-Schedule list

How can i ensure that only the mail number 3 is read others left unread?

Thank you

Hi @Olaoluwa,

You can use filter property of outlook activity.

Or you can have a list of messages and then filter them by subject

If MailItem.subject.contains(“files received”)

See this-

Then you can do your stuff.


I don’t think this will work as it will mark any other message in the inbox as ‘read’… I want a situation where it only reads the mail with that particular subject and leaves other mails ‘unread’. Also I might have more than one mail with ‘files received’ as a subject. I just want to read one mail at a time using the subject of the mail to select what mail it is.

There is an option in that activity a checkbox Mark As Read unceck that and try