Question regarding High-Density robots

We would like to be able to run robots with different AD usernames on the same machine. This is because some of our applications use Single Sign-On. We do not have a Windows Server, just normal workstations and are using Orchestrator with an enterprise license.

I have read the documentation but there are some conflicting statements which confuses me.

It says on the About High-Density Robots page that you can register multiple robots with different usernames on the same machine regardless of the Windows version, as long as all the users use the same Machine Name and Key.

Yet, on the Field Descriptions page, it says under “Create Another”:

“When selected, the values in the Key and Machine fields are kept so you can create a new Robot, on the same Windows Server machine, yet under a different user (high-density Robots)”.

Does that mean that having Windows Server is a requirement for being able to login to the same machine with different usernames? Keep in mind that we are not trying to run multiple robots on the same machine at the same time, only one at a time.

Hi @krbg00

To make it simple:

  • one normal workstation can run 1 robot at a time
  • one Windows Server machine can run multiple robots at the same time

This comes from the simple fact that Robot can only run on an active user session on each machine. This further means that:

  • one normal workstation can only have 1 active user session at a time
  • one Windows Server machine can have multiple user sessions at a time

With that explained, it should be clear now that High-Density means running multiple Robots on one machine that allows multiple users to be logged in at the same time - ergo Windows Server machine.

And to finally answer you first question :slight_smile: Yes, you can Provision multiple Robots on the same machine for different users. If it is a normal workstations, you will only be able to run 1 Robot at a time. If it is a Windows Server workstation, you would be able to log-in to all those users at the same time and run your Robots in parallel.

I hope this helps :slight_smile:


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