More questions regarding High-Density robots


This is a follow-up question regarding my previous post Question regarding High-Density robots.

As I explained in my previous post, we are not running High-Density robots (e.g. multiple robots at the same time on one machine), we are using workstations for unattended robots and want to login to them with different AD users (not at the same time). This is because some of our systems use Single Sign-On. In addition, we want to be able to utilize our machines as much as possible by being able to login with different users.

It was explained in my previous post that this is supported.

Now for my question: Will adding more robots to one unattended machine consume one unattended licence each?

We are running into an issue where jobs are stuck in a Pending state, and we suspect it is a licensing issue.

On the page About Licensing under the Concurrent Runtime section, it says:

Please note that it is possible to have more Robots defined on a machine than the number of runtimes allocated to that machine.

I hope someone can help sort this out.

Hi @krbg00

Sorry for late answer. Have you managed to solve your issue?

Yes, we got in contact with your support.

The answer is that it is possible to add more robots to a single unattended machine without using additional licences.

Regarding the Pending jobs issue, it seems that if the machine did not logout or finish the previous session then it did not release the licence, and the next job was waiting to consume an available licence.

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I run into the same problem that my other robot job is pending because the first robot didn’t release the license ( the reason is after the job completion, robot didn’t logout section so the license is hold).

Is there any way we can make robot logout after a completed job?

Thank you