Creating first project in UiPath Studio

Following along the first demo on how to create a workflow (getting current time in Bucharest). Here is my issue: when I click on recording/Web it opens a little box in a corner, but no browser is opened (in demo a browser with Google address is opened). If/when I click anywhere on screen, I get the message “Step was not recorded successfully”. I am stuck and cannot continue to follow along.

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There are 2 ways to do it.

1.For recording Web - The browser has to be opened First , you can open the browser First and then do the Recording.


We Click the Open Browser Here - Now lets say you point to Chrome and the Uipath Chrome Extension is not enabled - You will get the Below Error


Clicking okay - Redirects you to the below Pop up


Solution : : Enable the Plugin before Proceeding -

Link : Extension for Chrome

  1. UIpath has Built in activity for Opening the browser :

we specify the URL and the browser type Here and then continue the automation.


Hi Mukeshkala. Thanks for the pointers. I did install the addon, but for Firefox. Recording works now.
However, following the demo, get different screens. More specific, the demo shows the following screen after the recording is saved. Mine is different, although I went step-by-step . … Unfortunately I cannot provide screen shots as nothing I do allows me to either copy/paste a screen shot, or attach a document.



On the foundation I also had a similar challenge CurrentTimeInBucharest. My initial browser was Google and so how does one capture the digits of time ‘21:22’ at the time the bot is run
On the Selector Editor
Thank you all