Question on hover menu bar

I have a hover menu bar and it will not respond on click activity. When the mouse touch items in menu bar, the dropdown items show.
I want RPA to automatically touch the items and select items in dropdown for me.

How can I do it in RPA?

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Use the Hover activity:

No worries
in this case we can use SEND HOT KEY activity with key as tab until it reaches the drop down field from where we are going to choose the value
—once after reaching there we can either use a type into activity and type in the value we want to be chosen only if it accepts the input on typing
—or if that doesn’t take typing input and only takes in the down arrow and choose the one we need then we need to use same send hot key activity with key as down and use as many as Send hot key activity until it reaches the term we need to be selected in the drop down

Hope this would help you
Cheers @Emily_Yip


May I ask one more question.

If I know the url of the webpage. Do it have any method to just get the page by URL without clicking on the menu item?

yah of course we can use Navigate to activity or use open browser activity where we can mention the URL we want which will take us to the page with the url we have

Cheers @Emily_Yip