Problem selecting SAP Web UI hover dropdown item

We have an SAP Webportal and i want some topic related to timesheet bookings. For this purpose i have to click a a menu topic which is located in a hover dropdown list.

The complete flow works until hovering over the menuitem, so the dropdown is show. But clicking on the dropdown item does nothing.

Tried two approaches using the hover-activity and second to try using recording with F2 to interrupt the recording for pulling down the menu.

Also tried various browsertypes as well but does not change behaviour.

As i am fairly new to UIpath hopefully someone knows how to approach this.



Do you want scroll till the end of list?. If yes means you can use send hot key. Page down or end button

Hi, no it is not about scrolling down. The point is, that the click on a dropdown list item is not working. It seems not to trigger the right action (bringing up a popup with a list) associated to it.

Did you use select item activity?

Tried to but gives an HRESULT E-FAIL Error back

Use normal click activity


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— there are three ways to access drop down
—first we can just type in the files near to dropdown so that we can use type into activity instead of searching in drop down
—second we can either use SELECT ITEM activity but I believe it’s not supporting your page in SAP
—third we can just use Send hot key activity where use set of send hot key activities with tab as key until we reach to that specific drop down field
—once after reaching use a Sendhot key with enter as a key to click that drop down



went for the third option and it worked for me.

Option 1 was not applicable and alredy tried to use SELECT ITEM or SELECT MENU ITEM before witout success.

Thanks for support

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