Question about uipath licences provided by cloud.uipath

Hello the licences provided in the cloud platform has some limitations?
like the community edition, like the size or incomes of the company?
any company can use the cloud platform?

Hello @luchovelez,
The licences provided by cloud platform depends on license provided there. For example our gives you this:

You can check in in Licenses tab.

my question is more about if the licences contains limitations like the community edition

It’s hard to talk about limitations in context of Enterprise Edition. You will have that many robots and their types how many you will purchase :slight_smile:

i’m interested in use initial that licences in enterprise no much bots because is pilot not a masive deployment, i know obvoiusly if i need more bots i need pay for the additional licences, but for the use of orchestrator what is the limitation, in the documentation is not clear

By default Enterprise Edition don’t have any initial license. This is only for Community Edition. In EE if you will not purchase any robot then you will have no robot. Same applies for Orchestrator. Community Orchestrator ( will not give you license for Studio EE.

the question is: can i use the community version of orchestrator and his licences for pilot on enterprise ?

You can, but then you can’t threat it like Enterprise License so please be familiar with term and conditions:

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in my case if the company is not SME is better use the enterprise trial for cloud plattform?

Hi Luis,

Based on the Terms of Use for UiPath Platform Public Preview (including Cloud Platform), as a LB you can use the Community plan to evaluate (as per the screenshot below). If you want to test with more licenses and fewer limitations, you should change to the Enterprise plan in Cloud Platform (which is basically what you said: enterprise trial for cloud plattform).

Also, i’d like to mention that Cloud Platform is an enterprise platform (as opposed to Forum for example which is a personal service platform) meaning that your data belong to an organization (even if you are an individual on Community plan you still have to define your own organization where you, as an individual will be the admin).


I hope this sheds some more light on Cloud Platform subscription plans.


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