Need help with choice of licensing


I have tried to contact UiPath via the Contact Us form twice but still no replies. We are new to UiPath and we are not sure which license to choose.

About us:

  • we have one developer (Studio)
  • we have one user who is going to run an automation task (attended) in UiPath which is updating a web form based on data in an Excel file
  • the company (in Sweden) is a small business in the education sector consisting of 35 employees

Our questions:

Can we use the UiPath Community Edition license based on the info above?
Also, is Free Automation Cloud™ the same as the Community Edition? I found this on your web site: “Free Automation Cloud™ for individuals and small teams for internal business purposes.
Eligibility is less than $5M in annual revenue and 250 users.”

If we cannot user the above license, which one to choose for the developer and for the one user? Is it this one and do we need one or two licenses?

Studio 2021.10.3 - 10/26/2021
Community License
Per-user Installation
License Provider: Orchestrator

Sorry for the confusion but I would really appreciate your help with this! :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!




Until you are Eligible for Free Automation cloud you can use Community edition

As you can see that Attended Robots are 2 numbers which will fit for your requirement, but only thing is your eligibility as mentioned by UiPath

Hope this may help you


Thank you very much for your reply!

I have now investigated some more and we are unfortunately not eligible for Automation Cloud for community since annual revenue is more than $5M.

What is our next best licensing option based on the facts provider earlier, do you know? Is it this one? And since we have one developer and one end-user, do we need two licenses of this one?


We have been able to discuss this directly with UiPath now. Case closed.

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