Question about Runtime License in Machine Template Settings

I’m seriously confused about License in Orchestator with Machine template

To briefly explain my situation, I’m planning to use 12 laptops which will work as Unattended Robots to do some automation jobs.
All 12 laptops share same domain name/password as it was given to me as it is. And I will use queues to make them work when the job is given. And the Orchestrator that I was told to use is 2021.10.3 version.
So to find out how to make it work, I used Orchestrator trial version and found out I can make 1 machine template and 1 robot account to make it all work.

But the problem is that I can’t understand the Runtime License(execution slot) part throughly.
I first understanded that if I want to run 12 laptop as Unattended robots with 1 template, I should set runtime license as 12.
But when I linked 2 laptops to 1 machine template with 1 robot account and set runtime license to 2, it suddenly consumed 4 licenses. I’m not sure whether it is bugged or meant to be that way. And if it’s right, does it mean I can run several jobs on one laptop? Until now I was thinking using 1 laptop can run 1 job at a time. Then If I set 2 laptops on 1 template with 10 runtime license defined, I need 20 Unattended robot license, and can run 20 jobs(10 job for each laptop) at once? If it’s possible, I also want to know how it works because I don’t know how to make 1 laptop do several works at the same time. Is it related to background process?

I was looking at Documentations and other forum topics but couldn’t find useful information that can make me understand.
So can anybody help me understand how Runtime License(execution slot) works and how many should I set it to?

Do you have 1 license or 12 licenses?

I’m planning to buy 12 unattended licences right now and 3 developer license for development

High Density allows you to run multiple jobs on one machine (using a separate user account for each concurrent session).

You will need at least one license per machine.

If you create one Machine Template, assigning 12 runtimes and then link 12 laptops to it, it should only consume 12 licenses.

Is it right? Because on my test server I defined 3 license in 1 machine template, and linked 3 laptops to it. And when I go to my license page in orchestrator, 9 licences are consumed even if I linked only 3 laptops to the template.

If you go to Orchestrator > Tenant and go to licensing, then click on the “see more” for your unattended licenses - it should show a list of licenses being consumed and where, could you post an image of that?



As you can see, I have 3 laptops connected to 1 Machine template defined with 3 license.
And it’s consuming 9 of my 15 license. (1 is on seperate template with 1 runtime license)
If it stays like this, if I try to use 12 laptops on the template, my 15 license will not be enough.
And as you can see one machine is consuming 3 license each.

So I’m not sure that I should give 12 license to this 'General Machines" template.

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You may try also the approach with 12 Machine templates with 1 Unattended license and map them to a specific user/robot.

If we apply the logic of its 1 runtime per machine allocated to the template, if you allocate 1 runtime to the Machine Template and then assign 12 laptops to the template - does it correctly consume 12 licenses and allow multiple concurrent executions across the machines?

It might be a UI bug or another change to the way licenses apply → it has been updated a couple times in the last year or so.

I tried that way, and it worked.

Great news. On the high density aspect - just remember that Windows 10 Pro can handle up to 2 sessions at a time. If you want more than that you’ll need to be move to Windows Server with CAL licenses.

I know that I could work that way, and our previous system was working that way.
But I wanted to limit the number of template as possible so it’s easier to maintain in future.
Thanks anyway.

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