Can a machine template, with 3 unattended runtime licenses allocated, be used if only 2 runtime licenses are still available?

Dear UiPath Community,

I have a question regarding the consumption of licenses depending on the allocation of unattended runtime licenses attached to a machine template:

Let’s say I have purchased 11 unattended licenses and I have 4 Servers available.
Because of the given environment, I am using floating bots/machine template.
I have created one machine template with 3 runtime licenses allocated.
Now, when running my bots they will consume 3 licenses on 3 servers (In total 9 licenses are consumed). However, the bots on the 4th server do not consume the remaining 2 licenses and license status in UiPath Orchestrator is “unlicensed”.

Is it correct to assume that the status is “unlicensed” because the machine template requires exactly 3 licenses? Would this mean I’d have to create a second machine template for the remaining 2 licenses?

Thank you for your support.



Yes. Either you will have to disconnect one of the server so that 4th one will get licensed with 3 runtimes (if you are not planning to run all the 4 bots in parallel with 3 runtimes each) or create a new template with 2 run times (if you want to run all the 4 parallel with 3x3 & 1x2 runtimes).

"When online and connected to Orchestrator, a machine consumes a number of licenses equal to the runtime capacity of the machine template used to connect it to Orchestrator. "

That’s what I’ve thought.
Thanks for your quick response.

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