Question about run workflow via unattended bot - remote desktop


I wanted to ask if I wanted to run an unattended bot on the remote desktop.

If the click activity I left it click by default (didn’t enable send window message, and stimulate click), is it able to run?

Cause I see the default stated that it will click using the hardware click, thus, I not sure whether it is able to run when I run it from the orchestrator.

And another reasons I ask is because I saw one post before stated that I should run in background(using stimulate click or send window message), however, my selector didn’t support both method.

Thank you.

You have to try and test and check which one is working well for your specified application.

I test ald, and it is unable to click when I using the “send window message” or “stimulate click”. It just can click when using the hardware click.

I tested in the remote desktop using UiPath’s run option.

And now I wanted to make sure whether the click via hardware will affect the automation or not if I run it through orchestrator’s unattended bot

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test once if any problem occurs when running unattended, let us know

Hey @g_ii

It won’t affect. You can use Hardware events if others are not supported.


OK, thanks for your reply~~

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