Question about old certification


I have a question about the certification. When i got my advanced certification back in march or 2019 there was no expiration date (also never mentioned this would be the case).

It looked like this back then:

After a while the certification look changed, and a expiration date got added:

Now the look (and validation code) changed again with yet another expiration date:

What’s the logic with this expiration code, and can it just be added in hindsight?
Thanks for clarification

Hi Mike,

I appreciate the feedback and thanks for reaching out.

When we launched the legacy certification exam (2018), the certifications were set to expire in 1 year. Most of the early certifications were issued with a 1-year expiry date, and later that was removed in a revamp of the certification diploma.

You are displaying the first 2 diplomas in reversed order, the first one was actually the one with the blue UiPath logo (and 1 year expiration date) and the second was without the expiration date.

The policy was extended and the expiration date removed in an attempt to not leave the candidates with an expired certificate, but no option to re-certify or renew. It stayed like that until we retired the program (April, 2020), and we decided to extend the certifications to everybody no matter when they got certified (either in 2018 or 2019) until June 2021. This way, we made sure that people don’t feel pressured to re-certify immediately, even if they obtained their certification in January 2019, for example.

The new program was launched in May, 2020 and we are giving everybody a chance to get certified until June, 2021.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Have a nice day!

Hi Andreea,

Very clear and complete answer. Thank you a lot.
Will there be some sort of discount when renewing a certificate instead of getting it for the first time? Or will it always require ±$200 per year/try to be certified?

For the time being, there is no discount for recertification within the program. Also, I would not say it is $200 per year necessarily, as the credentials do not expire in the new program.
However, we do advise to get the latest certification in case a new one is launched and disruptive technologies have been introduced.

Where can I download the certification from? I have the old certificate with me (like the fist image) but would like to download the latest showing the expiration date.