Advanced UiPath Free Certification Date extension

I am preparing for UiPath from a month and i got to know April 30th is the last date for the free certification attempt. Will the be any extension of this free certification duration??

There is no information about extension

But there is a maintenance going on, hoping for a extension…!!

I think they will extend. They have been extending it for past 2 years as I see the replies in Google. Even I am supposed to take exam. As we are all working from home last few days have loads of time to finally prepare for it.

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Hope for the best to extend the date because due to covid-19

Maintenance was completed bad thing happened there is no extension


Thank you for your interest in our certification program.

Unfortunately, our legacy certification program has been retired as of today. Please be aware that this certification did not add much value anymore to you as it was testing on UiPath platform version which is outdated. Secondly, the exam has been severely compromised as it had been leaked, and the answers/projects are freely available on the internet. Finally, even if you achieved this certification, the credential will expire on 30th April 2021.

The new UiPath Certified Professional (UCP) program is current, fully proctored, and secure. The credentials will not expire. I would encourage you to take the new Certification instead. Yes – we do have a nominal fee of $150 for Associate and $200 for Advanced exam. We have kept it to minimal and at cost.

Please note that the entire online training from UiPath from basics to advanced is at no cost to you. The entire path can be valued in thousands of dollars for each learner. We are not charging for training, but we must cover our costs for the exams since we have engaged several leading vendors to be able to deliver high quality, proctored and secure exams. Your investment in the exam fee has a great return-on-investment given the credibility and recognition UCP brings to you; and the importance of UiPath RPA/automation to your organization and companies across industries.

With the preparation you are doing for the retiring legacy program you should be able to succeed in the new UiPath Certified Advanced RPA Developer (UiARD) exam with some additional training. If it makes sense to you, we are confident that you can easily pass the UiPath RPA Associate (UiRPA) exam.

Please review the exam descriptions, recommended training and take practice tests to confirm your readiness before you take the final exam. Links with all the details and documents are at

Thank you for your interest in our programs. Please reach out to if you need any further assistance.

UiPath Certified Professional team


Thanks for the information. I had a query - I gave the exam on last day of legacy certification, cleared the MCQ in first attempt & proceeded with practical , however due to some security reasons on my company laptop, I couldn’t upload my assignment & within few minutes the test was timed out. I still had 2 more attempts & was expecting it to visible on my account, which unfortunately expired too.
I even submitted my assignment to uipath support team but they never responded back.
Is there something I could do?

@Andreea_Baloi Thanks for the information.Hoping to take the uiard, will prepare and take part in the exam.

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Hi, Andreea:

I have already went through Advanced Tutorial under legacy system, finished 2 assignments and written exam, but could not finish practical exam. So, Can we go directly take the exam under new Certificate (UiRPA) program?


Hi @Diwakar_Mahanti

I think you should start with exam descriptions which included the recommended training. Then you can continue studying - if you feel you have to - or take the practice tests and see where your knowledge gaps are and what you need to make up for.

All these are on our certification page and easily accessible. Good luck with your exam!

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