UiPath Certification Legacy Program RETIRED ON APRIL 30TH 2020

The free/old/legacy certification has been retired on 30th of April. The legacy certification did not add much value anymore to you as it was testing you on UiPath platform 2018.4 version (or earlier) which is very outdated and obsolete. Secondly, the exam was severely compromised since it was leaked, and the answers/projects were freely available on the internet. Finally, for the candidates that achieved this certification, the credential will expire on the 30th of April 2021.

The new UiPath Certified Professional (UCP) program is current, fully proctored, and secure. The credential will not expire. I would encourage you to take the new Certification. We do have a nominal fee of $150 for the Associate and $200 for the Advanced Certification exam which was have kept at a minimal cost.

Please note that the entire online training from UiPath from basics to advanced is at no cost to you. The entire path can be valued in thousands of dollars for each learner. We are not charging for training, but we must cover our costs for the exams since we have engaged several leading vendors to be able to deliver high quality, proctored, and secure exams. Your investment in the exam fee has a great return-on-investment given the credibility and recognition UCP brings to you; and the importance of UiPath RPA/automation to your organization and companies across industries.

With the preparation you are doing for the retiring legacy program you should be able to succeed in the new UiPath Certified Advanced RPA Developer (UiARD) exam with some additional training. If it makes sense to you, we are confident that you can easily pass the UiPath RPA Associate (UiRPA) exam. Please review the exam descriptions, recommended training and take practice tests to confirm your readiness before you take the final exam. Links with all the details and documents are at http://www.uipath.com/certification.


I have completed all diploma in 2018. Now I am not able to login not able to see my certificates. This is very bad suddenly you guys declared this .

Hi @ganga.pathak

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I believe nothing was lost, but only slightly reworked. You can reference the FAQ section on our Academy, or contact our Academy Support here for direct queries:

Hi Bogdan,
I did the classroom based UiPath Advanced Training in Dec 2017 and received the “Diploma of Completion - UiPath Advanced Training” after evaluation by the trainer. The training was a paid training conducted by UiPath on site at my workplace. Is the certificate still valid or not? I can understand the reason behind charging for exams but I think it is only fair to expect a proper path to update instead of redoing the certification again. Other companies, such as Microsoft keep their certifications in Active status for the time the product is in Support. Also they provide a clear cut path to update to the latest version. I think a similar approach would help. After all in my opinion the UiPath platform has not moved away from the core architecture, it is still a WF based platform whose capability is being extended continuously through addition of WF Activities.

I understand the need to shield employers from unskilled Developers but the certificate could only demonstrate a candidate’s understanding of the UiPath platform and their skills in performing some basic automation using the Re-Framework. To recruit candidates who provide real value, employers need to assess candidates not just based on certificates but based on their past experience, breadth of technical skills and analytical reasoning abilities. I think this is one area where UiPath or UiPath Partners could provide more assistance to customers.

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Dear @loginerror,

Is it applicable even for Partners with UiPath ? or those latters will Pass it for Free ?

Also, I’m already a Robot Apprentice, Do I need to Pass Associate Certificate Again or I Can go directly to Advanced one ?

Thanks in Advance

Hi @Shan

Could you clarify whether you completed the Advanced Training or the Certification?

I believe the “Diploma of Completion” is granted for completing the training, rather than the Certification.

In either case, nothing would be lost with the change indicated in this topic :slight_smile: The diploma of completion stays valid, while the certificate was always granted for 1 year (so the ones earned before the change stay valid for 1 year from the day they were earned).

Also, I believe the new certification does not expire :slight_smile:

Hi Maciej, I got the Diploma if Completion. Thanks for the confirmation. Could you make the diploma easily verifiable as genuine, through an online credential/badge? Currently it is just a PDF document sent over email.

Hi @Shan

I believe there is no way to verify the diploma, other than messaging our Academy Support.

The certification program, on the other hand, provides a recognized and validated certificate.


I am wondering if the new UiPath Advanced RPA Developer Certification exam still has practical exam, as mentioned here:

Exam detail in this document doesn’t mention anything about practical exam.

Can anybody answer this?

@YM-Syscom the new Advanced Developer certification is just an online exam - no practical exercise to submit.