How do I renew my certification?

I am certified since Jun 2019. It says it is for a year, which means it expires June/July end. Now that UiPath is discontinuing the RPA Advanced Certification as we know it, what are my options to renew my certification after this expires?

Same question with me.

Can someone from @UiPath address this for us? Please?

Hi @savantsa and @Puleoo,

As of April 1st, we have launched our high-stakes, proctored, secured program – UiPath Certified Professional. This program has 2 certifications: Associate and Advanced and you can find more about it here: RPA Certification Advanced RPA Developer | UiPath

In the exam descriptions, you can see what you need to study to prepare for it and decide what exam is best for you. Please note that the 2 exams imply a different level of skills and knowledge and – for the time being – it’s not mandatory to take them in any order, although we do recommend to take the Associate first.

The exam descriptions can be found here:

Associate -

Advanced -

Hope this is clear, if not – looking forward to hearing from you.

@Andreea_Baloi, Thank you for addressing the question. I have this information about the new exams structure from the certificate website. But my question is since I am already certified since June 2019, what exactly do we do to renew or re-certify? Do we need to appear for both these exams from the scratch or is there a different set of exams that perhaps cover just the incremental updates?

Dear Andreea,

Thanks for your reply. But I am still confused because I have passed the exam of Advanced Developer Certification last June. I don’t know if the certification still effetive after July 2020. Or I need to take and pass the exam year by year to keep the certificate effectively? Thanks. Regards

Andreea Baloi via UiPath Community Forum 于2020年4月16日周四 上午1:19写道:

Hi again @savantsa and @Puleoo,

Let me see if I can be clearer. :slight_smile:
The certificates in the current program have a 1 year expiration date and the exam has not changed since we launched it, so there is not much value in taking the exam again to extend it at this point. Therefore, yours will expire in June.

This means that - by June time - the option that remains is for you to take the new Advanced certification exam and take that in our new platform. The good news is that new certifications DO NOT expire, but they will become deprecated in time (same as your university degree) as we launch new versions of the exam that cover new disruptive technologies or just with passing of time.

Thanks for your promp reply. According to your reply. I should join the new certifiction exam to keep my certification, right?

Yes, that’s right. :slight_smile: I think that will be your best option! :hugs:

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