Automation Developer vs Unattended Robot - Self hosted vs Attended User

I am concern about 3 license options when buying UiPath pro in orchestrator, my questions are

1.) Only with “Unattended” license, we can run workflow remotely (on specific machine), and kick start robot on orchestrator?

2.) If I only need to run attended robot (Developer develop in Studio and User run robot in UiPath Assistant), buying only “Automation Developer” giving me access to studio and to run attended robot, we do not need to buy “Attended User”?

3.) Any general concern for business who only buy “Automation Developer” license? (e.g. cannot run script on orchestrator?)

4.) Except running script in background, and remotely run script, is there anything unique and good using “Unattended” license?

5.) What is this license for? (“Robot Units Bundle - UiPath hosted”)

thats right, Unattended bot license only will let you run remotely and on high density robot environment with which we can execute bots parallelly in multiple servers

attended user is different automation developer license

  • Attended - UiPath Studio is used with an Attended license, which means that the user can only run or debug processes, and not edit workflows.
    where as
  • Automation Developer / Citizen Developer - UiPath Studio is licensed with its native type of license, which means that the user can run, modify, and debug processes

so if you want to edit the workflow if any issue comes on running attended bot you need automation developer license. if not just to run then attended user is fine

same as above
but Automation Developer and RPA Developer licenses are Attended licenses. In Orchestrator, these licenses allow you to connect your Studio or StudioX to Orchestrator
which means you can only collect logs and monitor
wont be able to trigger

there are many

  1. you can use the same for attended
  2. you can use in HD Robot environment
    what is HD Robot - Robot - High-Density Robots
  3. run in unattended mode

Hope this helps
Cheers @mlellison

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