Need information on UI Path Studio, Robot licensing


I am in the process of acquiring license for UI Path and so need a guidance on how to go with it.

My requirement is:

  1. Develop workflow in studio and promote to client machine for execution. For studio I am using now the trail version and so for getting license what is the process and how do I implement it.I have 3 machines where I am doing the development. Do I need 3 studio license or one license is good to go.

  2. For running the flow in client’s machine, do I need to procure attended or unattended robots? how to I run the flow from robot without any studio or orchestrator. Now flow will prompt user for some data to be provided. So In that case do I need to go for attended robot or unattended can do the job.

Please advise

Hi there @bickyStudy,
In the absence of Orchestrator, I believe you will need to license each individual development machine.

Regarding Attended/Unattended, should your processes be assisted automations, in that they operate alongside a human, or require human intervention, you should use Attended, otherwise use Unattended.

With that said, Attended would better suit your circumstances, as they are cheaper and locked to particular machines. I am, however, unsure whether you are still able to execute Unattended licenses through Batch files/Task Scheduler.

Should you invest in Orchestrator, you will be able to utilise concurrent licenses, distributed centrally. Furthermore, you can deploy/initiate tasks (process executions) from a single location, onto available resources (client machines), as well as a myriad of other benefits.

Apologies for any misunderstandings, but I am certain someone will correct me :stuck_out_tongue:

For additional reading, please see the below:

Thanks in advance,