Query on Uipath Orchestrator Implementation

  1. How many Orchestrator licenses would be required for each environment( Prod, Test, Dev) with the proposed High Availability setup?
  2. How many instances of Orchestrator are allowed per license and how do tenants affect this?
  3. Would we be able to use a single instance of Orchestrator across 2 environments (ex: Using a Test Orchestrator to execute bots in both Test and Dev)?
  4. Can UI Studio be used to simulate an Orchestrator unattended bot?
  1. High Availability setup will need one license only. It’ll have two Orchestrator instances synchronized via a Redis cluster and the routing will be done via a Network Load Balancer which will take care of the SSL offloading required for authentication of Orchestrator. You’ll be using the Load Balancer URL to link the bots to the Orchestrator.
  2. Technically, only one Orchestrator could be used with a license key. I’m not really sure about the Tenants.
  3. Yes, you can use different tenants in this scenario.
  4. Not really sure what you’re aiming for in this one.
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Thanks for the details.