Orchestrator licencing

We are planning to install and configure two Orchestrator platforms (one Dev/Test, and one UAT/Production). If we split each of our Orchestrator installations into two Tenants will we need separate licenses for each Tenant i.e. 4 licenses ?

Hi @Gid,
Why do you want to split it to two separate Tenants per server? Maybe you should consider to install Orchestrator for Multi-Node? More information here:

Hi, Many Thanks for the reply, I was thinking to separate one server into Dev & Test, and one into UAT & Production. I thought 2 Tenants per server would be the way to do that?.

It is a kind of a solution indeed, but I think High Availability in case of troubles is also worth to consider :wink:.
I forgot about your question. In case you want to split them anyway I think it’s better to ask in our license support: