High Availability license unattended

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We want to have an Orchestrator HA configuration on our business and we want to know how the license of unattended robot works or if keep the same and doesn’t affect at all?


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Hey @levb20

The license for Un-Attended bots remains the same.

It’s just that you have your orchestrator on multi nodes enabling high performance and availability if one or the other goes down.

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Hi @levb20,

In the High Available structure, there will be only one active node at the same time. Therefore, it will not require additional licenses.

However, since you will install another one from this same node, there will be server and server license costs.

You can request additional licenses from Uipath to pre-test installations. In this way, you can rehearse what you will do during installation.


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Hello @levb20
I hope below docs will help you.