DO we need different instances for orchestrator for different environments (Dev,Prod and UAT)

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Do we need difference instances of Orchestrator for different environments for eg. Dev, Production and UAT.

Because if we use same instance of Orchestrator then database will be same for all 3 environments and there is security risk involved.

Hi Tanuja,

It is recommended to have one Orchestrator instance for Dev and Test environments and another Orchestrator instance for pre-production(UAT) and Production. If you use the same instance, you’re right, all the data will be in the same database(even if you have different tenants).

@ovi Do we need separate license for each instance of Orchestrator?

Please contact the sales team for this: Contact Sales - RPA Business Process Strategy | UiPath

I’ll challenge this last post - it’s ok that the prices are not public. I get that.
But this is not consistent:

  • Do I need separate robot licences for X setup? public info
  • Do I need separate licences for Studio for X setup? public info
  • Do I need separate licences for Orchestrator instances in a recommended deployment model? Contact sales (??)

There’s a ton of confusion in licensing already. Why add more “mystery” to it?

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Test Environment is not charged(this info i know for sure), but you may need a license for it anyways that should be given for free(I am not sure of this info that’s why i recommended to contact the people who know for sure).

I agree, I just want that the answers I give to be correct. (don’t argue with me, please :blush: )

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Thank you @ovi

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I get that it is better to have separate Orchestrator instance is for Dev and Prod.
But i have this doubt regarding deployment, if we had same orchestrator instance we could easily deploy to every environments from orchestrator but in case of 2 orchestrator instance do we need to manually copy the package to the system having UAT/Prod orchestrator instance . What is the recommended way for deploying a package from the Dev Env to Prod Environment

Many Thanks

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Did you ever get an answer to this? If we have 2 or more Orchestrators; what is the recommended way to deploy from one to the other, while maintaining the version number, etc.?

@BejoyEdison, @fhenry
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