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Hi guys

Im using the community edition of Studio and Orchestrator. However i have activated the studio using the orchestrator license approach. So in studio, if we go to help, it will show that the license provider is the Orcheatrator.

My Orchestrator version: 2019.3.0 456CE
Studio version: 2019.2.0

May i know whether the automatic upgrade of the studio will work even we provide the license for the studio from the orchestrator community edition?

In other words, may i know whether my studio will automatically upgrade to 2019.3.0 stable version once its ready with this configuration?

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Hi @Lahiru.Fernando,

Can you go to the below location, and i think you can see in your path app-19.3.0


if the above folder is there, just restart the system and studio and the studio should update to 19.3.0

Hi @anil5

Thanks for your reply… Still I don’t see the app-19.3.0 folder there. Could be because its in preview version because I’m using the stable version…


I wonder whether getting the license from the orchestrator will have any impact on auto updating to the latest version.


Its in the stable version


What do you mean by getting the license from the orchestrator, the Development license in orchestrator is for Robot, we still renew the studio using the renew community license link.

Mine is showing like this…


So it says license provider is Orchestrator, not external

The orchestrator is also the community edition with version 2019.3.0 456CE

Hi @Lahiru.Fernando,

If you see you are using trial enterprise edition 2019.2.0 and not community edition, so i think you have to wait for trial enterprise edition 2019.3.0.

HI @Lahiru.Fernando,

Please disconnect your UiPath Robot from System tray which is connected to Orchestrator from your local machine. Now, you can update the UiPath community to the beta releases :+1:

HI @anil5

Now, I restarted my machine, disabled the internet connectivity and opened the Studio without internet in my laptop… Now it shows like this…


So I’m back to community edition… I am actually using the community edition, however when connecting with the orchestrator, it changes to enterprise.

And closed the Studio again, connected to internet, then opened the studio again and I’m back on Enterprise like the one I shared earlier…

However the version did not change in either case…

Hmm may be I need to disconnect the robot from the Orchestrator as @kaluri said, and see whether it upgrades…

Yes forgot to mention, you have disconnect your robot from orchestrator to update to the new version, after disconnecting the robot open appdata folder and see if you have the folder19.3.0 and if not restart again and you should be able to see the new version.

It will work :+1:

Thank you @kaluri and @anil5… It worked… Thanks a lot for your time and support!!! You guys are awesome!!


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