What license do I have and what can I do with it?

Hello, I am trying to find out which license I have, what can I do with it and if I can renew it easily.

On UIPath the Info says:

Studio 2018.4.0 - 11/22/2018
Enterprise Edition
EXE Installer
License Provider: Orchestrator

And if I go on Orchestrator on the License menu it says “Community Edition”.

So, do I have Enterprise or Community Edition? And if it’s just Community Edition can I use Orchestrator without any limit?

Thank you.

Hi @martalopes

You have the community edition. We have recently (since 2018.3) introduced licensing your Studio via Orchestrator as a feature for our Enterprise customers. It was overlooked that when connected to our Community Orchestrator the name in the Studio switches to Enterprise :slight_smile:

This is just a visual, so no worries. You are free to use all features of the Community Edition with your two development robots granted by the Community Orchestrator.

It will be addressed in the next release :smiley:

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