Upgraded to Enterprise Trial but still Community version in Orchestrator

Installer(.exe or .msi): msi

License type(Free, Trial/License code): Enterprise Server Trial

Studio/Robot version: Studio

Current behavior: Community



I have just finished the Foundation training and Orchestrator training. I decided to try out the Enterprise Trial Server version and uninstalled the community version, installed the enterprise, entered my license key, no problem.

But when I visit the UiPath it says I still use the Community version.

Any solution to this?

Kind regards

Hi @goerris,
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You are talking about Studio Enterprise Trial right? Orchestrator is completely separate product so you will not see in orchestrator any information that your Studio is in enterprise license. For Studio you can check here:

Hi! Thank you!

No I actually meant the Orchestrator. But that explains it. :slight_smile:
So I can have more than three robots running in the orchestrator now since I have the Enterprise Trial now?

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Just go over here:
And this tell you how many licenses and for which kind of robots do you have :slight_smile: