Updating 2018.2 Orchestrator License? HELP!

I have read the documentation on updating Orchestrator licenses, but I think I’m missing something.

The docs say to activate the license and then export it on a machine with Studio installed, then import it to orchestrator. All good so far… but here is my problem:

  1. The Orchestrator machine ONLY has Orchestrator on it… no Studio, no Robot… so the regutil utility is not there, from what I can see.

  2. The machine(s) with Studio on them are running Studio under a DIFFERENT license code than Orchestrator.

So let’s say the license code for Orchestrator is “O123” and Studio’s license code is “S456.” If I run REGUTIL from the Studio machine and use it to activate the Orchestrator license code, isn’t it going to change the license code for that copy of Studio from “S456” to “O123”?

What am I not understanding here?