When we trying to open some URL in browser and unknowingly
entered the URL incorrectly.how will this situation handled?

We are providing the URL in the open browser activity, so there will be no chance at all to open a wrong URL.

If any chance is there, then we can use is Element exists activity to check whether we open a right URL or not by checking the constant text or image after logging into the right URL.

No.if we type wwww.instead of www.then error will b thrown .page won’t be opened.how will handle the situation

Hi @saibinduk,

Give 1 or 2 sec. delay before typing.

And also have you checked ‘Click Before Typing’ and ‘Empty Filed’ in properties.
or try giving delay between keys

No specific handling for that case, as we are providing or pasting our own URL, then we have to verify whether we are providing the right URL or not.

No one will type the URL :wink: as we are just copying and pasting from the web directly.

We don’t have an option to check as in JAVA(Malformed URL)