Open Browser opening homepage instead of URL

Hi all,

I’m trying to use the Open Browser activity to open a page in Chrome. The URL to this page is stored in a dynamic string variable. The issue is that the majority of times this works perfectly, but in some cases the browser instead opens my two Homepage tabs. Has anyone else experienced this issue and better even, does someone know a fix?

Thanks in advance!

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welcome to the community. you can share a print of your activity and selector


Thank you @KMota

Sure, here you have a screenshot of the activities involved. There is no selector involved in either of the two activities. Note also that the url consists of part fixed string and part variable string (the latter part of the URL). Because of this I don’t believe the issue is that the variable is not captured; after all, in that case it should still be navigating to the fixed part of the URL.

A very simple sequence, strange this error. Take a look at the example sequence. Try adding a close tab at the end of the steps.

Sequência.xaml (6,6,KB)

while was used just to not have to start several times

I added a Do While loop with the purpose of closing and reopening the browser (asking for the same URL of course) as long as the correct site was not opened. In case the error occurs (about 20% of cases) it will keep occurring throughout the loop. It seems that for some reason it doesn’t capture the URL to begin with, very strange again as part of the URL is fixed (the variable part of course could contain errors but that still doesn’t explain why the fixed URL is not there)

If it happens sporadically it probably isn’t worth your time to try and debug, I would simply add in a ‘navigate’ activity as the first step in your sequence after opening the browser and supply the URL there. That way you’ll always be at the correct URL and you don’t have to waste time debugging

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