Open browser throw and rethrow

I want use use throw and rethrow while opening the web page and how to use it, my problem is if the spelling of the webpage is not correct how to use this throw and rethrow activities ,i have used element exist activity while doing but dont get the exact idea

Hello @alan_prakash

Here opening a url means, are you opening from some set of urls or from some application you are getting this url??

If you are trying to open a url, then you can use element exists on an element in the opened page.

If the requirement is something different then plz highlight that

Hi @alan_prakash

spelling of the wbpage? not clear what you meant… but you want to check loaded or not .you can use element exist activity and if it does not exist in the else part you can you throw activity and specify the reason as new Exception(“Exception reason”). Rethrow activity is basically used inside catch block if you are using try catch and if you want perform certain activities before throwing the exception , you can write it inside catch block and use rethrow activity to throw the already thrown exception in the Try block

myproblem is i want to enter a webpage if it is loaded give message succesfully enter the web page in case is there is any spelling mistake in the url for eg i want to enter yahoo website if i am forget to enter any of the spelling of the yahoo in that case i want to throw an exception and rethrow it how can i do it

so each time you are entering different url and checking if that url exists or not?

no i am entering only one url i am using reframework suppose in the config file i accidently not spelled the correct url in that case i have to use the exception handling thats my case

there should be no chance of such a scenario as you are entering and there is no hman intervension in this scenario. Still if you want to check this condition …When you type the correct url you will be getting a home screen right…use one of the elements in this home screen for element exist activity…