NodeLocked Licensing

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to setup a node locked Uipath license to my studio to one my machine, i have a query in this… at a given instance of time how many users can login at the same time and work on the studio and save the development work. And can both execute the code just to test or verify the developed pieces of code?

Kindly provide your response

Hi @priyathampallapotu

Check this


Node locked license is for machine but not for the user.
It means any user can login into that machine and then able to use the uipath studio.
At any point of time only one user can login into a machine and then use the studio.
If you want to use it on another machine, you have to acquire more licenses.

Karthik Byggari

One important point to add, just for information -
The Studio NodeLocked and Named User,Both can’t resides over the single tenant.