Can multiple users use UiPath Studio (Named User License) on a Windows Server Simultaneously?

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I have a Named User license for Studio. I installed Studio on a Windows Server with the Robot installed as a Windows Service and activated the license by logging into the server with my account. Now I assume that the license is only for my account on the server.

My colleague logged into the same server with his account and started Studio. Surprisingly, the colleague can also use Studio parallel to my usage. He does not get an error like the license is already in use. Please see the screenshot below of two instances of working Studios on the same Named User License. I am a little confused here, should this work like this? I suppose not but any clarification will be helpful… because I am really confused at the moment.

I presume you are using a local license (Node Locked) & Don’t have a orchestrator ?. It’s a bug, a big one at that. Now lets say you add 10 more users to the server, if you have 10 Windows CALs then all 10 can use the studio at the same time !

Now, named user license behaves like named user only when you connect it to orchestrator ! The license can be assigned to only 1 user by defining the studio robot on orchestrator & only that user will be able to use it.

Pro Tip: Upto version 2019.10.1 , you can install UiPath Studio Enterprise Version (Using the platform installer) & license it with the community orchestrator (at This is also a bug, they fixed it in 2019.10.2.



@Nithin_P I do not have a node locked license. I have a stand-alone named user license without an Orchestrator. It seems like a bug. Thanks for the quick feedback :slight_smile:

Is it not possible to have a named user license without an Orchestrator?

Hi @haider1991,

Yes all the Unattended Robots without Orchestrator are Node Locked. Where as with Attended and Studio, you have the choice to choose between Named User or Node Locked.

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Dropping by just to clear some licensing things :smiley:

First, it depends on the version, like Nithin said above.
We have changed our licensing solution starting with 19.4 version for Community and 19.10 for Enterprise. Indeed, there were some issues with the old licensing solution (like the one you mentioned above) that we fixed starting with 19.4.

Second, Studio/Robots Node-locked (aka tied to a specific machine, no matter the users) are no longer in our product offering (if you bought them some time ago, you may still use them). We replaced Node-locked with Concurrent for more flexibility.

We no longer support Unattended without Orchestrator, because we also dropped support for Windows Task Scheduler and improved the Schedules/Triggers in Orchestrator. Unattended Robots only have one license type: Concurrent Runtime.

For Studio and Attended, we currently have two license types: Named User (with and without Orchestrator) and Concurrent User (only with Orchestrator).


Thanks @ovi, That clears it up !


Hi @ovi,

Thanks for the detailed note above…

I have observed that Attended / Studio Licneses (Named User) without orchestrator when installed on a server will work for all the user who login to the server. Is this the expected behavior ?


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Thanks for the clarification. I have a Named User Studio License without an Orchestrator. I installed UiPath Studio for user_1 on a windows server. I activated my license key and the studio was now working. Now, I logged into the same windows server from user_2 account and the user_2 can also use Studio simultaneously even though the license was activated in user_1 session. I assumed that if user_2 logs in and starts Studio, he should get an error like “License already in use…” but both user_1 and user_2 can use Studio at the same time. Can you confirm this behavior as intended or is this a bug?

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@Nithin_P no, it’s not the intended behavior. If you have Studio/Robot < 19.10, it’s a bug. Above 19.10 it was fixed.

@haider1991 it’s a bug. I assume you have Studio version <19.10.

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I have Studio 19.10.1 :slight_smile:



@ovi, Yes. It was 19.4 actually.

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Do you have a license key with the “old” format (3867********) or “new” format (1234-5678- **** -****)?

3867******* format, so this is the reason?

Yes, we have migrated the licenses generated by the old solution to the new one. And we were aware of that bug, but we kept it working with the bug so we don’t impact customers who were using the Named User license by mistake as Node-locked. So we kept the functionality with the bug only for the old format licenses.


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